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the fear of falling apart.


tanner|17|genderqueer guy| |introvert|engaged|

if you'd like to know more about me, head over to this journal

hi i'm tanner. i'm a dumb nerd who stays up too late at night and sleeps too much during the day. i am mostly a high school student but i draw dogs and stuff too. peach tea is my lifeblood, coffee is my addiction and my boyfriend is my reason to breathe.

Stamp: Point Commissions Open by MissLadyMinx Stamp: Art Trades Closed by MissLadyMinx
Night Owl Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 More Tea Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 Coffee lover by LillemorGull

✓. boyfriend, coffee, tea, coca-cola, large sweatshirts, cuddling, sleeping, minecraft, onision, pewdiepie, skylar kergil, ramen noodles, art, horror stuff, gore, chemistry, horseback riding, rping, chillstep, mayday parade, owl city, the walking dead, american horror story.
X. bible-thumpers, homophobes, immaturity, liquor, delusional people, thunder, spiders, any bugs (worse if they can fly), horrid grammar, being too cold/hot, cramps, most people in general.

lovely art by CrystalCalluna!

here's to never growing up.

my best beeb- :iconpsychoserval:
my main babe i love her a lot do not disrespect i will eat you she is literal perfection in every way and she is a total cutie nerd and just wowow i literally never thought we'd be friends because social awk but you're just like HELLO UR COOL and yeah i'm glad we made it to where we are today ilusm <333

my kitty- ❤️ :iconeuiogy:
even if we don't talk as much as we used to, you're still one of my closest friends and i really, really love you to pieces. you're like a part of me embedded in another person and that's something i've never experienced before. just keep doing you and stay strong for me, dove.

my rock- :icondenalie:
HI YOU. yes i enjoy our (almost) daily skype convos because you're just so chill and you really help spike up my optimism levels with your caring support and friendship. i love you a lot man, and hope we can keep this going for a long time. ❤️

my wonderful adopted baby sister- :icongerman-mutt:
Hey my lovely big brother U v U. You are such an amazing and lovely person, seriously. I remember when we first started talking, and to be honest, we have gotten so much closer than I could have ever imagined. You are such a sweetheart, and you have been and pulled through so much, you are simply a living wonder. You are such a perfect bab, and you are ALWAYS there, day and night, when ever I need you. I love staying up all night talking to you, and getting up early to talk to you too. I love you so much, my dear Tanner, my big brother <3.

my babes (in no particular order)
:iconpawptarts: :iconwagstail: :iconarchangelsfalling: :iconmechanicalempire: :icongerman-mutt:
:iconthe-epic-chris: :iconcacctus: :iconthebreakawayangel: :iconrandominsanekitty: :iconbadsteei:
:icontoxicpeacockart: :iconhypercatzz: :iconbuttfiuff: :iconragemutt: :icondenalie:
:iconfoxeslovepunk: :iconk9player: :iconamiirou: :iconthebreakawayangel: :iconolipops:

these are some pretty cool artists yes.
:iconmiiroku: :iconbella-bearr: :iconkarrev: :iconeuiogy: :icongerman-mutt: :iconkingneroche:
:iconioserr: :iconbadsteei: :iconbeautysnake: :iconlittledoge:


5 deviants said i do not have any religious belief.
4 deviants said i believe in god (non-denominational).
4 deviants said i'm not sure what to believe.
3 deviants said i don't believe in god.
3 deviants said i believe in something else (pagan, wiccan, etc.)

terms of service/conditions!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 9:20 PM
commission terms of service

🔹i do have a right to refuse your commission.
🔹please allow at LEAST two to three weeks for your art to be 🔹complete- should anything change then i will be sure to notify you as soon as possible.
🔹i prefer payment BEFORE i start your commission.

i WILL draw:
-mild NSFW 
-simple blood/gore

i WILL NOT draw:
-oral sex/masturbation (just not something i feel comfortable with doing)
-extremely complex designs
-half human/animal creature things 
-humans (i only doodle them it's just not something i do)

i only do :points: commissions! find my current prices- here and  here


art trade terms of service

🔹same applies as listed above what i will and will not draw.
🔹i do have a right to refuse- please do not badger me if i do so.
🔹these tend to take longer since they're not my first priority.
🔹i prefer to have YOUR part first so i can produce something that's a good match as far as details and whatnot.
🔹i don't like to be rude, but i prefer doing trades with those who are somewhere on my skill level.

if you have any questions drop me a comment or send a note! i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Skin designed by scatterflee

i'm okay, but i went to see the doctor yesterday.

april 13th, 2011 -- september 5th, 2013 doesntmattewhatshere
"to tell him how my heart is going crazy..."

this kid is the best there is. he's perfect in every way, and never does a day pass where i regret being with him, or don't enjoy spending time with him. i love everything about him from the inside out. he's my frank and i love him more than anything in the world. 💙


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