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stay with me, the world is dark and wild.



if you'd like to know more about me, head over to this journal

find my commission/art trade info here!

i'm tanner and i love coffee and nice people.

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✓. boyfriend, coffee, tea, horseback riding, cuddling, sleeping, ramen noodles, art, horror, chemistry, rping, good music, the walking dead, american horror story.
X. bible-thumpers, homophobia, liquor, thunder, spiders, horrid grammar, being too cold/hot, cramps, most people in general.

lovely art by mosspaws!

stay a child, while you can be a child.

with me.

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(updated) about me!

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 9:51 PM
this is really long i'm sorr y

b a s i c s:

name: tanner edward lange
age: 17
gender: male
pronouns: he/him/his
romantic preference: panromantic 
sexual preference: demisexual 
relationship: taken <3 
family: mom and dad, a 22-year-old brother
pets: an australian cattle dog/boston terrier named george and a bay saddlebred mare named mercedes.
religion: non-religious, but i consider myself really spiritual with nature and the like.
ethnicity: caucasian american
location: eastern north carolina
hair style & colour: mixed light/dark brown, curly mess.
eye colour: hazel
complexion: really really pale
left handed or right handed: left handed
height: 5"1 sobs
weight: 110 pounds 
body type: broad shoulders, long waist, short legs.
personality type: infj 

i n t e r e s t s:

🔹i am a music fanatic it's a part of my daily function: my favourite artists rn include my chemical romance, nicolle dollenganger, mayday parade, coldplay, imagine dragons, frank iero and the cellabration, and owl city. 
🔹academics are pretty much all i have going for me as far as a future goes so those are becoming more and more of a priority for me since this is my last year of high school and thus my last chance to step it up or fall short of my goals. 
🔹i love roleplaying, could do it all day every day but i can be picky about who i do it with.
🔹i ride horseback- english, saddleseat. 
🔹art has become more of a for-fun thing rather than something i do all the time like i used to.
🔹i am part of the furry fandom, may get a fursuit one day if i can shuffle together the funds but it's not a must-have for me right now. and contrary to popular belief, it is in no way a sexual fetish/sex-based thing for me at all.
🔹i sleep a lot, probably more than what's considered healthy but i'm such a night owl--especially during the school year-- that i just struggle with getting enough sleep at night so i'll usually nap for a few hours after a long day.
🔹minecraft is also a fun pastime when i'm really in the mood for it.
🔹the same conditions goes for writing
🔹i love watching youtube gamers. like some i started out with pewdiepie, but my favourites as of now are markiplier and jacksepticeye because i feel they are much more engaged with their audience and their jokes are in no way stupid or offensive (which felix has unfortunately come to recently).  
🔹horror films and supernatural tv shows are great. i adore films like the sixth sense, poltergeist, the woman in black, and the possession- i'm not exactly an overkill/slasher type of fan. and as far as tv shows go, a haunting and ghost adventures are the ones i normally engage myself with.
🔹reading is another great thing- though since i started reading things for school my desire to read freely has kind of gone down. but my favourite book series right now is miss peregrine's home for peculiar children.
🔹frank iero and skyler kergil are my idols. they've taught me it's not easy to pick yourself up when you've been through a massive struggle- but everything eventually gets better if you keep working at it. they're genuinely good, beautiful people and i hold them very close to my heart.

p e r s o n a l_d e t a i l s :
(*i am not seeking any attention or sympathy in listing these- it is simply for knowledge sake.) 

🔹i have dealt with chronic depression since i was thirteen- it normally hits out of nowhere anytime so please don't take it to heart if i excuse myself from a conversation or something. 
🔹i have serious anxiety over the littlest things- be it someone chomping their gum to a repetitive pen clicking, someone (possibly) talking about me, something i see (possibly) being about me, etc. it's silly and selfish to say- but that leads to my sensitivity kicking in and unless someone reassures me otherwise then i get really upset. 
🔹social anxiety has plagued me for the longest time. moving to different schools, meeting new people and not knowing how long i would even be staying took its toll. the main point i want to make here- friendship with me can't just stop with "hello" and the expectancy of me just taking it from there. i can't do everything. i need to feel genuinely welcomed, cared about, and wanted. i have wasted far too much kindness on people who only took it for granted, and the dropped me for no reason at all. to put it simply, don't make me the machine that has to keep everything going. i'm loyal to the end, but only if you'll let me. so make me feel like i'm worth your time, and that i'm not just continuing to waste mine.

r a n d o m_f a c t s:

🔹i've never been in on the whole "otherkin" scene because of how silly tumblr has made it out to be- but since i was young, i've always related well with a wolf as far as my natural behaviour, pack mentality, and loyalty towards people toes: but i do not wrap my life around it. it's simply a spiritual thought for me, and nothing me.   
🔹i am a night owl! i never go to bed before midnight unless i'm sick or for whatever other reason.
🔹musicals and plays are really great; i love acting and plan to join in the youth arts council downtown to take part in their productions this coming school year!
🔹coffee and tea are my lifeblood basically.
🔹spiders and flying bugs i cannot stand ugh get away burn them pls
🔹i'm really body-conscious, i hate showing too much skin to anyone so i don't sunbathe or wear a skimpy swimsuit (usually a t-shirt and shorts work fine for me).
🔹i have a morbid fascination with serial killers and mass murders; in addition to this, i watch a ton of documentaries, including ones on nutrition/obesity epidemic-related, animal cruelty, weird medical cases, essentially just anything that interests me in the slightest. 
🔹i love ghost stories!!! i have tons of books with them and am always looking for more.
🔹i do believe in the supernatural- i've had quite a few experiences before in the past and love hearing other people's stories! 
🔹big sweaters/hoodies are my favourite thing in cold weather.
🔹christmas time is my very favourite time of the year!
🔹fall is my favorite season- but i love snow 
🔹classical music is actually the most soothing thing for me ever- especially piano instrumentals.
 🔹i only like one "animé" film and that was wolf children; i don't have an interest in the genre at all otherwise.
🔹i'm easily moved by powerful speeches, words get to me. 
🔹i dig obscure knowledge! i watch/listen to a lot of buzzfeed, matthew santoro, and danger dolan to hear about random, albeit nifty things.
🔹antique shops are my life ugh take me to all of them.
🔹i give affectionate nicknames to all of my friends please tell me if you don't want me to 
🔹i never eat breakfast early in the morning because it makes me sick!  D:
🔹i use an iPad (and yes my finger) for my art
🔹my program is sketchbook express
🔹i've been drawing since i was four, started digital art at nine. 
🔹internet is a daily function for me don't even start
🔹i sometimes save rps to go back and read through them since they're basically fics lmao 
🔹i wear glasses bc i'm too much of a weenie to get contacts (though idc i love my glasses)
🔹i consider myself a pacifist i really hate fighting with people, either physically or verbally 
🔹i'm brutally honest and do tell a lot of things based on how they are, and if that offends you then i'm sorry
🔹please tell me if i've ever said/done something that hurt you, i'll feel really bad about it and love on you until everything's better again but seriously i don't like being the cause of someone's hurt so please just let me know!! ;o; 
 🔹i'm über sensitive like seriously slap me i'm such a crybaby lmao
🔹i don't ever really dream about anything??? there's the occasional nightmare and then a lucid dream tossed in sometimes (which are super weird btw don't get me started)
🔹i'm one of those almost-adults who is not ready to adult yet um
🔹i often get mistaken for a college student or older i don't understand why.
🔹i've lived through a tornado and countless tornado warnings and shit so they never really bother me. 
🔹untouched victorian homes are my life i love looking at them and feeling like i stepped into the past it's really nice.
🔹my dream home is an old victorian place or a cozy farmhouse away from urban fuss.
🔹i'm content with not talking as long as it's a comfortable silence and not a "this is really fucking awkward" silence
🔹i am essentially a little hipster queer please love me

c o n t a c t_m e:

🔹deviantART: agentanarchy (shoot me a note and i'll get back to you asap!!)
🔹facebook: tanner lange (i'm on here every day but it's usually just for the bf.)
🔹instagram: xagentanarchyx (usually don't post here much except for nsfw art.)
🔹skype: xagentanarchyx (tell me who you are first!) (i'm usually online, but i set it otherwise when i'm not so feel free to hit me up anytime!)

Skin designed by scatterflee

oh, you smiled as if to say,

april 13th, 2011 -- september 5th, 2013-- january 14th, 2014
i fell for you. i came back to you. i promised to be yours forever. doesntmattewhatshere

"i knew my heart was yours from the first day."

you are everything i could ever want in anyone. 💙

art by sharkpaw!


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